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Golden Care Alliance

Consumer Directed Services  

Care with a Golden Touch 

Providing you with in home health care


Golden Care Alliance, LLC recognizes the difficult challenges a person faces when he or she is unable to perform personal tasks or household chores due to a medical disability.  We also understand the impact on family members.  


Golden Care Alliance, LLC is a home health care provider for the state of Missouri contracted to participate in the Consumer Directed Services Program, also identified as the CDS Program.  This program allows a person with a disability, age 18+ and who are Medicaid eligible to:

  • Receive personal care and chore worker services.

  • Live independently with the help of an attendant.

  • Remain in your home and be treated on an outpatient basis rather than in a hospital or nursing facility.  

  • Direct your own care and services and become the employer by recruiting, hiring and managing a qualified friend or family member of your choice (someone you know and trust).  This person will be paid to care for you and must be 18 years of age or older, except for your spouse.    



“Their generous pay makes it possible for me to care for my loved ones and afford my needs. Thank you GCA ”

Jefferson Willibury

Personal Care Attendant


“Golden Care Alliance has helped improve the quality of my life significantly

                                                                    Robin Smith 


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