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The mission of Golden Care Alliance, LLC is to strive for excellence in home health by offering a comprehensive array of services designed to advocate for the disabled and elderly community who need in-home care assistance with the activities of daily living.

About Golden Care Alliance 


Golden Care Alliance is a family owned Consumer Directed Services (CDS) provider through the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.

Consumer directed services programs are open to Missouri Medicaid eligible individuals 18 years of age and up. These individuals must be approved for services through the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) needs assessment.  An individual who has a physical disability can get services through a CDS program, however they must be able to direct the personal care that they need, and hire an attendant.  Examples of personal care include (but are not limited to) cleaning, bathing and meal preparation.  

We are committed to providing you with a high level of quality care to ensure your independence, dignity, and productive.  You choose a CDS agency, like Golden Care Alliance, to provide you with initial training on your responsibilities and on being an employer. We continue to give you ongoing support. We are responsible for processing your payroll and filing federal and state employer taxes for you..


We also want to ensure you are receiving quality care in your home by offering seminars/workshops, information and resources in the following areas:   

  • Wellness, Health & Fitness Care

  • Functional Academic Skills

  • Computer Literacy

  • Family Support Network  

  • Self-Advocacy

  • Emergency Preperation


It is the philosophy of Golden Care Alliance LLC to instruct consumers on how to be advocates for their personal needs, well-being, and to maintain their ability to live independently in the most integrated setting or the maximum community inclusion of consumers who are elderly or with physical disabilities.

We assist our consumers with independent living skills training, social activity planning, household management, and other skills necessary for independent living and participating in community activities.

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